New Mexico, 1875.

Connor, a rich rancher, sends one of his men to the Comanche camp to negociate the purchase of a herd of horses. Connor's real interest lies in Yarin, the extremely lovely daughter of the chief of the tribe.

Old Red Eagle refuses the deal, and Connor's men unleash their anger by slaughtering the defenceless tribe, sparing no one. Yarin attempts to escape but is caught. During the night Yarin again tries to run away, and this time succeeds.

Matt, a farmer still in his prime, lives on a farm at the edge of the forest. Indians destroyed his farm, murdering his wife and children. Matt notices a bundle, lying amid the brushwood surrounding the farm. He goes up to it and discovers the Indian girl. His instinctive reaction is one of repulsion, but then, moved by pity, he drags Yarin into the shed beside the farm.