El Lute I

(AKA : Run For Your Life)

During the last years of Franco's dictatorship, when it becomes clear that the regime was on its political decadence, a phenomenon occurs that brings us back in many ways to the Spain of the nineteenth century.

From the huge depth of the police files a record has been taken out: it belongs to an insignificant little thief of hens grown into a budding bandit. Magnified by the unquestionable halo of the condemnation to death, named with the resounding nickname EL LUTE, his figure is offered to Spaniards as a new entertainment to add to football games or tennis championships.

But this time people accept the challenge and invest EL LUTE with all the virtues he had desired for himself and that, in a certain way, had been stolen from him: courage, boldness, insubordination. And so, EL LUTE goes beyond the limits of popularity that had been officially attributed to him in order to become a real champion engaged in a struggle as unequal as sparkling against the forces of public order.

The film explores in detail all the facts and circumstances that created that well-known myth called EL LUTE.