El Lute II

AKA : Tomorrow I'll Be Free

Sequel to the successful film El Lute, TOMORROW I'LL BE FREE is based on the autobiography of Eleuterio Sanchéz. Its objective is to tell the story of a man who fought resolutely against all odds for his life and liberty in a political atmosphere which continually sought to dampen the spirit and aspirations of millions of Spaniards.

Eleuterio now begins a life full of events; his feelings of freedom and his dreams of living like the non-gypsy Spaniards have become magnified in his mind, and he is determined not to let anything stand in his way.

His encounter with his family, after escaping from prison, is the beginning of a continuous flight, of an euphoric struggle to fulfill his ambitions.

Esperanza (Pastora Vega) is his pertinacious sister, friend, and confidante.

El Toto and El Lolo have realized that from this moment on, they are El Lute's brothers before anything else, and they must face the future together, whatever it may bring.

El Lute represents a myth that continues to inspire fans for his undaunted spirit and quest for liberty.