Founded in 1982 by veteran film producers José María Cunillés and Isabel Mulá, Multivideo is an independent production company based in Spain.

Multivideo holds an impressively diverse library of over 20 film titles.

The film genres include true-crime ("El Lute I & II", "Almeria's Case", "Family Crime", "Alone or in the Company of Others", "Imagining Argentina") period dramas ("Marquise", "The Comet"), romantic comedies ("All Tied Up", "What a Mess!"), westerns ("Apache Kid", "Scalps", "The Red Night of the Falcon"), and horror ("The Night of the Zombies").

Over the years Multivideo has worked with many talented and internationally renowned actors such as Emma Thompson, Jeanne Moreau, Sophie Marceau, Antonio Banderas, Teri Hatcher, Victoria Abril and Imanol Arias.

As well as being commercially successful, ("El Lute" became the highest grossing Spanish film of 1987), Multivideo's films have attended and garnered prizes at the most prestigious film festivals: Cannes International Film Festival, Venice, San Sebastian, Cognac, Cairo, Taormina, Munich and several others. Its commitment to human rights and bringing injustices and corruption to light has earned Multivideo a solid reputation as one of the most courageous and daring independent Spanish film companies.

In 2002 Multivideo co-produced "Imagining Argentina", starring Emma Thompson and Antonio Banderas, directed by Christopher Hampton. (Venice Film Festival Official Selection 2003).